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iPhone Application

Drinks on the go! 

Download the app that everyone is buzzing about! BevShots BarHop has the coolest photography of what your favorite beverages look like under the microscope. In the BevShots BarHop app, you get to crash different bar scenes, pick your poison from the menu, and see what that beverage’s BevShot looks like.  You can download every image to your photo library so that you can use them as background images. Can’t find your favorite drink? Not to worry… new BevShots will be available in later updates.

Creating an intoxicating blend of art and science, BevShots have the look of modern art masterpieces. Call them what you like… the Monet of martinis, the Da Vinci of draft beer, or the Van Gogh of vino. You won’t find pictures like this anywhere else! So download BevShots BarHop to find out what’s on tap!  

"Great art! You Get what you never expect to see in a beer. I look forward to more!
"- jsandford

"Very cool app! I love looking at what the different drinks look like under the microscope. You never know what to expect! I'll definitely be using some of these as my wallpaper and look forward to even more drinks being added!
"– ShanWynn 

"Pretty amazing looking pictures. Never look at a cold, frothy pint the same way again. Cool looking artwork to show the friends!" - dawsefx